Diff between Java/HTML/PYTHON?

I’m a newbie. I know nothing about coding. I’m currently starting HTML, getting it down ok, I think !?
Would someone shine some light on me please?

HTML is for structuring web pages. You give it style and some logic with CSS. You use JavaScript to do most of the logic.

Java is a compiled language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. The idea behind this is to make the code portable to different machines.

Python is an interpreted language that is basically run on the fly. It is used a lot for automation and data science. It is supposed to be one of the easiest languages to learn, but I have never touched it, so I don’t know.

I have only done some Java, but I find JavaScript easier for me. I have also tried C, and found it simpler than Java, but this was a long time ago, and it’s not object oriented. C is supposed to be one of the fastest running languages around, though. I think that only assembly languages could beat it in speed.

Btw, I find JavaScript to be weird compared to the languages that I have tried because you don’t declare the variable type, or the size of arrays beforehand. And things like 1 == “1” and stuff like that.

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