Comparison between JavaScript and Python

Hello. I explored how to use JS and Python. However, I can’t know the difference between JS and Python.

Python code looks something like this:

print('Hello world!')

And JS code will look like this:

console.log('Hello world!');

And what is the difference between Python and JS?

Please answer.

Hey @pummarinbest!
I have found some useful link to answer your question

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They’re different programming languages: it’s like asking what the difference is between French and German. Do you want a huge list?

Hey man, obviously this guy doesn’t understand that. Your reply comes off a bit short. I am sure he does want something like a list, maybe when one is appropriate vs. the other. It’s not very much like asking the difference between French and German, both are languages used to communicate day to day tasks. Languages in programming are often designed to serve or accommodate certain purposes.

We know that Python isn’t usually a front end development language, while it does have libraries that it can be used for such, it’s better off client/server run. It is often used for automation, web scraping, or more frequently by the day in scientific endeavors like Machine Learning & data analytics.

JavaScript is primarily used in front end web development. It’s used most commonly to alter data presented on the user side of web pages.

Python was designed first and foremost for readability and ease of use to those who are not old hat at programming. JS is an easier language to read but still uses a slightly (subjective?) more complex notation system with bracket wrappers.

You can use both for many overlapping programs but many languages serve a different purpose!

Fair enough. But JavaScript and Python are also languages used to communicate day to day tasks. The question isn’t specific enough at all: it’s impossible to know what they know or don’t know. What’s a client? What’s a server? What do you mean it’s used for automation? What’s a front end development language? The syntax is clearly the same in the code posted in this thread, and most of what I’ve seen looks the same, why are you saying it’s different?

Maybe he doesn’t understand what a client is or what a server is; however, we have now given him something to search for so he can better understand it. How do we know if he knows what German or French are, maybe where he has come from, those are all new. Everyone is here to learn and maybe we use words he doesn’t understand. The cool thing is he can then look up those words or ask for clarification! :slight_smile:

If I have not even addressed it appropriately he can come back and correct me as well.