Python or Javascript

I recently completed certification "Data Analysis with Python " although wonder …why there are all the Employers asking for Javascript (Vue/ React/ Node…) meaning I’m supposed to learn Javascript too? I clearly see JS as one of the top notch sought after skills?
Any real life projects for Python that are not of very big size I can lay my hands on…to put up for potential employers?

For web development (which now includes a fair amount of application development) you need JavaScript.

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Depends on what will you do. If you going to make website, then yes… you need to learn JavaScript and then Web Framework of your choice (Vue and React are beginner friendly).

However, if your focus is Data Analysis or anything that data scientist do, stick with Python.

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If you are new to Python focus on it. btw in some point every developer has to do some javascript if not advanced but basic javascript and its not a big deal that time so don’t worry you will pick it up easily when ever you need to work in it.

Since most of the companies out there are providing solutions using web applications you’d need to know web development for many of them.

Web development itself as others already mentioned is nothing but HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You may hear TypeScript here and there which you can think of it as a superset of javascript or even another version of it (with a bit over simplification).

Now the frameworks you mentioned like Vue.js and React.js are frameworks that you write JS code in. They are mostly dealing with front-end part of the work (which I can get into deeper if wanted).

But also you can have your server code, also called back-end, written in javascript here comes the Node.js.

Having done some data analysis before, when working in a company you’d still write your data analysis code in python. But then your result would be consumed by a server like Node.js server or a client like React.js. And then from there you have to know what would happen to your result.

Hoping these extra info didn’t confuse you and were helpful, let us know if you had more questions.

Good luck :call_me_hand:

Thanks all; I’d see learning Javascript would be handy… meaning React & Node,js etc. all follows.

While JavaScript is a scripting language, Python is an object-oriented programming language—a type of coding language that lets developers build sites and apps with virtual building blocks (i.e. objects).

One of the keys to the Python vs JavaScript discussion is to understand their foundational differences. JavaScript is a scripting language, while Python is part of a class of coding languages called “object-oriented” languages.

Picking a programming language (ANY programming language) and starting to learn it is more important than the specific language, but if you’re looking to decide between Python or JavaScript, I give the slight edge to JS—only because it lends itself so well to entry level web work.

Now that you have a basic understanding of both languages, we can get back to comparing them head on.

Is one language inherently better than the other?
If you had to pick one to start with, which should it be?
And if you do pick one, how long does it take to learn, where can you learn it, and what kind of jobs can you expect to qualify for?

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@Smith_Johnes As a potential job seeker I don’t want to be refused job offer only because I do not have JS on my Resume… I guess learning Python as programming language(of course for its Data analysis aspect) I wish to gain basic knowledge of JS moving forward; really feel left out at this stage so… hoping one day I lend a job at least to start.

Hello @rajgorakshay ,
Don’t loose hope!!
Every programming language has its own importance and benefits. If you are good in it, you have a bright future in it.

Here’s some Benefits of using python for web development:

  1. Python is an Open Source Language
  2. Easy to Learn
  3. Supports Multi-Tasking
  4. Build more functions with lesser coding
  5. Has In-Built Libraries which can support the use of AI in Web Development
  6. Easy to build prototypes
  7. Easy to Test
  8. The Python – Django
  9. Django supports SEO operations
  10. A Developer’s Choice
  11. Platform Independent
  12. A Strong Community Supportive Language
  13. Enhance speed and Productivity of the website
  14. Act as a base for learning other languages

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, Python is one language that comes close to adapting to these changes and works in a clean and consistent manner.

I hope these points are all enough for you now to convince your employer next you’ll go for a job interview.

it depends on your needs, in my work I use JavaScript mostly

yeah true; looking for my first break after spending years in Support.

You’re answering your question while asking it :slight_smile: :+1:

Python is a better-designed language that makes it easy to maintain whereas JavaScript is poor. Python is not good for mobile development whereas Java-Script is good. … JavaScript runs on both browser and server whereas python is mostly used for server-side programming.

Javascript is most commonly used programming language and also various web framework are used like jQuery, Angular.js and React.js.
Web page is not just sitting there and displaying static information, then JavaScript is probably behind that. And that’s not all, there are even advanced versions of the language such as Node.js which is used for server-side scripting.

Python is used from web applications to data analysis and also it s general purpose programming language.
Python’s popularity has been has been steadily increasing and its a fastest growing major programming language today .
Python is extremely popular because its easy to use as compared to javascript.
Python has hundreds of different libraries and frameworks that can be used by developers. These libraries and frameworks are really useful in saving time which in turn makes Python even more popular.

I don’t think this is a good comparison.

If JavaScript is a “scripting language”, then so is Python. Both are interpreted and not compiled. I don’t think this is a very useful metric in the first place though.

JavaScript and Python can both be object-oriented. In fact, IMHO JavaScript is actually better suited for it than Python is. It would be better to call the languages multi-paradigm, and it’s something they have in common, not a place where they differ.

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