Which languages I need for what i want to do?

So I want to sell the templates I made on different sites like codester or flippa and if this doesn’t work I want get into freelancing.

So right now I am sure that i need to learn html,css,javascript and sql(for the server side)

But I already know the fundamentals in python and I was thinking about using django(because I love python).But I don’t know if it is good for what I want to do?

If it is not what should I chose for the backend?Node.js?

Ok than I heared that I need to learn those javascript(angular,vue).Do I need them for what I want to do?

Beside the things I mentioned above do I need to learn something else for what I want to do?

Many thanks if you help me

angular, vue and react are front-end frameworks. If you are interested in building websites/webapps that are pretty compex on the front end, you could learn one of those (examples of things: this forum, facebook, twitter, netflix…)

If you want to become a web developer, you can follow this roadmap: