Difference between back and front-end

Hi guys, this is a very general question.
Here is my situation:
I´ve been learning how to program for a few months now. I´ve learned many Javascript complex concepts and i´ve succesfully finished many landing pages.
Nevertheless, last week I started trying to build websites that include more advanced concepts like functional search bars with filters and all that kind of stuff.
The problem here was that even that I really tried a lot, I found this things very difficult to do. I looked for many tutorials in YT, and i was surprised by the quantity of complex cocepts that i didn´t know.
At this point, I started to doubt about my learning path, and I also started to wonder if i was learning the right way, or i needed to change my direction.
See, I´m looking for a place where i can learn all the things i might need for building a website.
I want to know how to do a search bar, how to apply filters to it, how to be able to build an e-commece site all by my self, with all the knowledge that that, might require.

So, my questions are 2:

  • The stuff I´m interested in, belongs to Front or Back-end?
  • Is FreeCodeCamp a good choice for me?

There are grey areas in-between, but frontend refers to the UI of a web application, the bit the users actually click around in a browser, the backend refers to all the stuff the frontend talks to that the users don’t see (like stuff that is dealing directly with databases, for example).

So the search bar itself, the buttons you click, the actual results that appear on-screen, that’s frontend. The actual data that populates that, backend.

This is all quite fluid because you could, for example, generate all your HTML & things server-side, in the backend (I mean, that part is still kinda “frontend”, but anyway). Or you could have most of the logic in an app on the frontend that uses React or whatever, and makes use of services like GCP or AWS provide that don’t involve any building of server side code beyond configuration.

It’ll give you a basis in the languages used for frontend (HTML, CSS, JS), there’s a strong focus on that.

And it has a full certificate on the far-and-away most popular JavaScript backend framework (Express). Knowledge relating to building server-side web apps is definitely transferrable (it’s the exact same concepts regardless of language or framework).


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