Difference between creating softwares and creating websites

hello Campers,
please I want to know
1- can someone who had any of ( front end certificate, backend certificate or full stack certificate here ) create softwares or what aditional languages he should learn to create softwares?
2- also for creating softwares can I use the same languages for creating websites? or websites require their own languages and softwares require different languages?
and if they require different languages what languages used for creating each of them?
and many thanks in advance

It depends on what you mean by software, for instance if you wanted to make video games the recommended language seems to be C++
If you wanted to make Android apps, Java would be the way to go.
The .exe files used to run programs in windows are often made with C or C++ (and then compiled to machine code) but can be written in various other languages.
etc etc there are many languages with different specialties.

Web development tends to utilize javascript (different language than Java) which while historically its been mostly for web apps it has been expanding, There is a program now called Electron for making desktop apps with javascript.
I haven’t tried it myself.

I’m sure someone with more concrete knowledge will post sooner or later, I only know what I’ve read. The only scripting language I know at the moment is javascript, I just started several months back.

Good Luck!


thanks so much for your reply. it is really helpful. and i mean programs by softwares. waiting for more information from campers here

I’d imagine this link would probably answer your questions: https://www.quora.com/Which-programming-languages-are-front-end-and-which-ones-are-back-end

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thanks so much astv99 for your helpful link. it really seems to contain great information. i really appreciate

As I begin putting the puzzle together, it seems you are doing one of three main objectives when programming.

  1. Coding for a compiler (C, C++)
  2. Coding for an interpreter (Java, Ruby, Python)
  3. Coding for a browser ( HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

They seem to want to confuse you with a hot library or framework of the day, but in the end, libraries and frameworks are coded in the language they run on anyway.
Right now I am trying to focus on the basics, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I like to occasionally look at the source code for some of the libraries to see how they made something work in the underlying language. For example, you do not need bootstrap to make a grid system, that can be done in pure CSS. Guess what language jQuery was written in… if you like a feature of some library, look at the source and tinker with your own version of that feature.
I’m too new to this to know, but I would venture a guess that employers would be more impressed with your knowledge of the main language over a ton of libraries that were written in that language.
I’m not saying skip them, just take some time to realize what they do…

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Look into C#, and the .NET framework.

It can be used to create Windows desktop program/software, iOS apps, Android apps, Web Backend, Web API, FrontEnd (via Razor, + html + js), iOT (microprocessors, Arduino), Gaming, Mobile.

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many thanks for the helpful reply

many thanks for the great information. i appreciate