Different account progress between browsers

When logged into FCC on Google Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (ubuntu) shows that I only have 15 points to my account but when I’m logged in through Firefox 61.0.1 it shows the progress.

I’ve tried clearing all of my browsing data and logging in/out multiple itmes using my github account but Chrome still shows inaccurate progress.

If you go to your actual portfolio page, do you see the same thing on both browsers?

Are you referring to my Responsive Web Project portfolio page or my settings page?

Now both browsers show the same information in my public portfolio however they still show the incorrect points and completed challenges. It displays that I have 20 points when earlier this morning I was at more than 500.

Your public portfolio has a list of your completed lessons. That’s what’s actually associated with the account that you are logged into. My guess is that one of your browsers is using cached data for the Welcome page, rather than getting fresh data from FCC.

I’ve tried logging into my account from multiple devices and clearing my cache but it still shows the inaccurate progress. Any other ideas on what I can do ?

If multiple browsers are showing the same data, then my best guess is that you have accidentally created multiple accounts. This is an error that is extremely common when third party logins are used. (This is one of the reasons that FCC attempted to switch to a single method of account creating and login, but everyone lost their shit over it an now multiple methods are allowed again.) Try logging in with your email address instead of GitHub and see if that account looks more familiar.

I’ve tried all the login methods, from multiple devices and I still only have 35 points.

Points or completed challenges. They’re not the same.



35 points and 35 completed projects


If you know that you have done more than 35 challenges, then you are probably logged in to a different account (one that was inadvertently created due to the complications of supporting multiple methods. You can email team@freecodecamp.com for help accessing your old account. Please be patient. They get slammed with a ton of emails every day.

I’ll try that.

Thanks alot.