Difficulty with Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database - Build a Mario Database

I’m unable to complete this course as there seems its showing errors which I don’t understand. I’m new to coding and tried resetting the course multiple times. Any guidance will help, thanks.

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Challenge: Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database - Build a Mario Database

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Hi there! I’m having the same issue, IDK why I can’t get through it. But I have done the 70% of the course and don’t understand why it tells me there is an error when I try to log in to psql.

I’m having the same issue. Does anyone know a fix?

Kill the terminal, then open a new terminal.
Do these steps again and again until you get to a psql terminal:

You are still in the bash terminal:

This doesn’t seem to be working for me. It isn’t even showing that any terminals are open.

I think I don’t need to remind you of the 3 important rules:

I’ve done all 3 of those things. It keeps giving me this error

Can you see the project in CodeAlly?

I apologize I’m not sure I know how

Take a look in CodeAlly , your profile.
But I don’t understand:
Are you working on Mario database or Studend database 2?

I’m working on the student database, but having the same issue this person is. I’ve had it for around 3 days?

Take a screen shot of the projects you have in your CodeAlly profile, please.

I’m not sure I ever made a code ally profile I just made a profile on freecodecamp.org

That could be the problem.
You have to start with the 3 basic rules.
You must also start with the first exercise from the Relational Database.
Good luck!

If I didn’t create a codeally profile do I need to start the sql database all over again?

I’m sorry, but you have to.
From the beginning, with all the steps, as I showed you above.

Even after all that it still does not work.

Hello, I think I found a solution to this problem. Follow these steps and see if it works:

Step 1: Go to this address: Running the Relational Database Curriculum in your Browser
– This thread talks about how you can troubleshoot various issues.

Step 2: Find the “Last Resort” section on this thread
Screenshot 2023-08-12 005941

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the “Last Resort” section and go to your CodeAlly Dashboard

Step 4: delete the container with the name of the tutorial that is problematic.

I had to do this multiple times doing the boilerplate tutorial. I’ve also had to do it several times today and start over from the beginning. It’s getting old quickly, is there not a fix for this problem. Is there another way to do the tutorials and upload the finished steps to FCC? Frustrated and ready stop wasting time here. I do enjoy FCC but this issue just keeps happening, happened in the boilerplate tutorial, now the mario database. I even skipped down to learn bash scripting build 5 apps and it happened there like the second step in to it.