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New to the forum and the IT world. I have a decade of experience in healthcare (registered nurse) but due to an injury my days of nursing are likely behind me so I’m looking for a good alternative. I’m Canadian and live in Canada. I’m looking for opinions on which areas of the tech industry would be the most advantageous to get into? Does a person need a 4 year degree these days, would a diploma suffice or can a person break into the tech world without any schooling? I’m curious to see opinions on which areas are the easiest to find good jobs? Is security the way to go or coding etc.? Sorry for all the questions I am looking at possibly going back to school and need advice on which areas of IT to pursue the options seem overwhelming. Thanks in advance for any input! Have a great day!

In Canada there are tons of job openings in IT world.

You can choose from different career path like Web Development, Backend Development, Mobile Development, Data Analyst / Data Scientist ( currently high in demand across globe ).

I suggest check YT videos of people who are working in this field and get to know their experiences.

In the end each one has got its own merits / demerits; but you need to choose one and stick to it.

There is NO need of any college degree, you will find many people joining tech industry without any college degree or expensive bootcamps ( again search YT videos )

It takes passion, purpose and grit to move into IT world.

All the very best

Thank you so much for the advice I will definitely check that out.

While a 4 year degree in a relevant field is definitely and advantage, it isn’t required.

Asking us which job in technology to pursue would be like us asking you which job in healthcare to pursue. There are a lot of options that appeal to people for different reasons. What are you looking for in a job? Why are you considering IT or programming (which are two very different careers)? What do you already know?

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Hi ArielLeslie,

Thank you for the advice. I am learning that I don’t know a lot. I love problem solving and I like finding creative solutions to problems. I will need to spend some more time watching some videos of the different areas and get an idea from there.

Thanks so much, have a great day!

Why are you not feel like starting something on your own why to find job in IT or any other for that matter, you can just start digital marketing type business just from your home.

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