Career advice needed!


I’m looking for a career advice, I’m 29 years old, graduated bachelor of Art from my country, currently living in Canada( i graduated IT diploma here in Canada, was not successful getting full time/permanent dev job with only tech diploma(no experience).

Because i want to get permanent residency here in Canada, I’m working in hospitality sector (full time…need to work full time till end of next year…) currently…

While i 'm working in full time hospitality job, I was able to get part time web programming job(lasted about 4-5months), however, this job is low paying, only few hours, stressful, too much responsibliyty, and working my self with resposibility, i quit this job.

I feel like i want to and ready to apply junior web developer/programming job again, but because my 40hr/week is commited to this hospitality job till end of next year…, not sure if i can work more than part time

I’m not sure if i try to work 80hr/week, or…remote job? not sure i find there are not many good part time web dev job :frowning:

any advice for my situation?
Thanks in advance!

If you need to specifically be working at that job full time, you might be better served by working on building your skills, polishing your resume and portoflio, building your own projects and/or contributing to open source projects to put you in a stronger position for job hunting. Two full time jobs is rough, and (IMHO) programming is a demanding and exhausting job that can take a lot of energy, especially in the first several months of a new position.


@ArielLeslie Thanks so much for your reply, yes i better work more on project, reference, part time, portfolio and be more stronger for job hunting next year while i’m waiting for my PR process to be done (still like 10 more months to go haha :))