Cannot Decide What to do?

Hey, My name is Surya Karan Sharma, I pursuing bachelor’s in computer application and I’m in my final year.
I can’t figure out which career should I pursue currently I started learning Java because it’s in my final year.
Can anyone suggest me what Should I do?
I did a lot pf research and I found that I’m interested in ML/AI , Web Development and Software Development.
Also, I have decided that after Graduation, I’m gonna go canada in humber college to do Information technology Solutions Ontario Graduate Certificate.
Is it Worth it?
Please help me out I’m so much confused what to do, I’m just overwhelmed after researching and can’t decide.
Also , if anyone’s reading this from canada please guide me.
I’m gonna go in January to canada until then what skills I should Adopt which can be beneficial for me can anyone suggest please?
Thanks in Advance!

Hello from Canada!

If you’re struggling to decide I think that web development is a safe bet.

It’s such a broad field that it really encompasses everything. I’m a “web developer” but if you saw what my day looked like it would probably look a lot more similar to what you think of as a “software developer”. Specifically I refer to myself as a web applications developer.

Web can get you into the industry and serve as a platform for you to build up your skills as an IT person until you find what you’re most interested in and go specialize in that area.

Lots of web developers transition into more specific roles later in their career and it’s pretty seemless since most things that are built now days are either built for the web or at least leverage many web technologies in many ways.

You can’t lose if you bet your career on the web.

If you find yourself in Ontario feel free to DM me! I may be able to help you land a co-op placement where I work if you’re going to be doing school while you’re here.

Thanks For The Reply.

I wanna know the course that I have Selected is okay?, or should I look for another one.
Also, please lemme know what skills should I learn to land a job in Canada?
In Canada, Can we get part-time jobs in web development or only full-time?

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Hey, no problem!

You’d have to send me a link to the program you mentioned so I can take a look.

As for part time work in web development I haven’t heard of it personally. Best way to find part time work as a web dev is to freelance and set your own hours.

Ontario schools have something called co-op placements which is like part time but you work as a part of your degree program.

Thanks a lot for helping me out, I’m sending you the link please check it out and let me know.

Here’s The Link:

Also I got to know that I have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more other things to land a job as a Front-end or Back-end developer. But Currently, I am studying Java for finals. What do you say should I Stay Focused on Java or rather start Learning skills for web development.

Great, thanks for sending me the link!

I’m assuming you’re using the program mostly as a way to get into Canada right?

I think the program suites that goal as well as compliments your bachelors degree that you’ll have acquired before enrolling in this program. The skills learned in that program are mostly relevant to working as a web developer in Canada but like any college or university program out there, are a little dated and not complete.

You will still have to focus on filling the gaps yourself and depending on what the final project is, you’ll still want to build your own web based projects outside of school, perhaps after you graduate.

I only have two critiques on the program you’re looking into. One is the location. Toronto is insanely expensive right now and real-estate continues to explode out of control. Finding a place to live while attending school may be a major hurdle for you.

You may want to look to see if Fanshaw, Mohawk or Conestoga have programs that interest you so that you can live somewhere more affordable without having to make extremely long commutes to class (although I don’t know how much will be remote or not by then due to the pandemic).

The other critique is that there is no co-op placement. It’s a 1 year program so you may have to just accept this. The trade-offs may be worth it for you since I’m assuming you’d like to keep whatever schooling you take in Ontario down to a year if possible (given that you’ll have already completed a bachelor’s degree).

Because you’re supplementing your degree with something more specifically focused on web technologies, you’ll have a more interesting education background. But without a co-op placement getting that first job will still be challenging. You’ll still have to put in a lot of work toward building a portfolio of projects, networking at meetups and local online communities (Discord, Slack etc.) and doing anything you can to make yourself stand out among the rest of the entry-level/junior candidates trying to get their first job.

I recommend focusing on your finals for now. Eventually you will have to make time to learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript if you aspire to be a front-end web developer and even if you want to be a backend web developer it may be worth it too.

Java is still a very popular language and pays really well. I don’t personally know too many people working at companies using Java but the few I’ve know of are very “corporationy” . Some people like working in that environment but I like companies that are more laxed in terms of policy and hierarchy which I don’t think you’ll find as a Java programmer.

If you end up ignoring Java outside the context of what you need for school you’ll also do very well. When I was studying Computer Science I was also required to work with Java for a few classes and I was also learning JavaScript in my free time. It was actually very complimentary. It’s interesting to learn multiple languages because you see similarities and differences and I feel you get a deeper understanding of what you’re doing that way.

Hopefully this was more help than confusing! Let me know if you have more questions!

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Sorry, But I guess you are assuming wrong, I selected this program because my consultant told me if you do a 2 year program, you’ll receive 3 year work permit.

Also, I am not satisfied with my Bachelor’s Degree because Honestly I serious started studying and became interested in this field few months ago.

So, I decided to Study abroad and Expose myself to better job opportunities.
My consultant also told me that you’ll receive Co-op in this.
please check once again, I’m a little bit confused here, if this course doesn’t provide co-op placement, then I need to discuss this with my consultant or Find a New One.

I’m really thankful for your guidance, your are the first one who have helped and guided this much in detail.

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Oh awesome! I couldn’t see any info on it in the details but if your consultant say’s there is a co-op placement then there must be one. If you don’t know for sure, you could always call the school and ask. I’m sure they’d be happy to guide you!

If it offers a placement it’ll making getting into the industry so much easier!

But if you’re not set on being in Toronto I’d talk to your consultant about other options, for no reason other than cost of living. The few colleges I mentioned earlier are all located in cities within a two hour drive to Toronto and also have great tech communities.

No problem! I was totally lost on how to get into this industry when I was first interested and love helping others avoid the confusion if I’m able to :slight_smile:

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