I need some advice / I don't know what to do

Hi, I’m from Venezuela and I’m really looking for some advices.
I’m enrolled in university, still learning day by day, and I’ve been learning new code skills for almost a year. I know a little of C, C++, Java and now I’m learning about HTLM, CSS and JS.
The thing is, this year has been a little rough for me. Thanks to this pandemic situation and just Venezuela and our government being a mess, my university is not working. That’s why now I’ve decided to enroll in a few Udemy courses and learn from others resources like fcc and youtube. I’ve done several courses in the past too!
I enjoy learning day by day, but at this moment I’m a little lost, confused, sad, angry… My family is not doing that well with money, so even if I enjoy learning, I need to start earning too.
What skills do I need to get my first job as a frontend developer? Where and when can I start applying for jobs? I’ve been looking opportunities in my country, but I only see +3 years of experience jobs!
I know I learn fast and I’m constantly trying to learn more. My friends usually call me “The Seeker”, since I’m able to find solutions at almost every problem even if at the start I don’t know nothing about it.
Thanks for your advice!

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Hey Laura,

nice to meet you!

Yes, we currently see some hard times. Hope you’re doing well.

I think a solid understanding of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the skill to be a productive team member is enough to get a first job. The harder part is to prove that you are that kind of person.

Do you have any ideas how to prove that you are able to prove this?

I was thinking about a good portafolio where I can show what I know. Maybe some cloned pages so I can show that I can recreate ideas, some original projects too. And I was reading about including projects where I show that I can fix some problems… But I feel a little lost tbh

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You may consider reading this guide by Kevin Smith, it seems relevant

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Thank you! I’ll read it!