Can I get a remote job with these skills?

Hello guys, I would like to know you opinion about getting a job, maybe freelancer or something to work remotely. My skills are html, css, js, and react; actually learning redux; I don’t have a portfolio right now, but im thinking on making one as soon as possible. The idea is making some webpages, but I don’t know how much should I work on each one; or what could be the best thing to show, to show my skills. I read once, that the important thing is having good taste for designing.

But, why is it important to work from home? I’m from Venezuela, the idea of earning in my currency is not a smart idea; the Bolivar is worth nothing; and any job from outside would be so much better than anything here, with almost 22 years and recently graduated as Psychologist (I cant work as a psychologist right now), it is important to me to contribute home. Thats the reason I’ve been learning front end development since mid-January is to find a job, live better, and a another important reason is because I’m interested in computer stuff since i was a younger.

With this is mind, is there any way to find a job from my position? Where can I look for job? or, what resources do I have to find a job? and, What else could I learn?

Thank you guys, I will happy to read any of advice.

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Hey Kurtony,

Get your portfolio together and just go for it and start applying. If I’m not mistaken Venezuela has experienced over 1,000,000 percent inflation and your currency has crashed. If you can get a remote job that would be awesome for you. There are front end jobs with those skills available to answer your question. It may take more time and you may need more skills but that’s o.k. Just go for it. I have been lucky to be able to learn developing for the last 10 months full time. I started interning 2 months ago for my brother in laws company because of the valuable skills I have learned. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t just go for it. Your English is fantastic by the way.


First thing you need to do is to build a portfolio, it’s the only way people can see what you can actually do, I assume you’ve never had a job before as a developer so a portfolio is the only proof yoou can offer. Make sure your portfolio looks professional, stay away from calculators and such basic stuffs, remote jobs are usually very competitive so be ready for that.

With the skills you currently have i would say it’s probaly not enoch

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As a psychologist you might also be interested in User Interaction (UX). There are free courses on the internet. It might give you just that little bit extra on the remote job market.

I looked around on the platforms where I took courses before to find some free courses that might be useful for you. And I started with the last one myself :grinning:

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Thank you everyone for your time on replying.

Colton, thank you! Your words are motivating, somehow makes me know that it is possible to do something or get some job with some more skills. I’m on it, learning more.

@Gilbert1391 Thank you too, yeah, the portfolio is important and I will take your advice of not making basic stuff;do you mind letting me know what you think that are the skills that i need to learn to be enough?

@Joke ! Thank for your time looking around the platforms, really; I appreciate it a lot, I will check those out; Im pretty sure they will be so useful for me.

If anyone knows of a website where i can try looking for a job, or at least look at the requeriments would be helpful and useful for me; right now and in the future.

Thank you.all

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It really depends of the job requirements. I’ve seen posts from people here telling their story about how they got a job with only html, css and some JavaScript. In my opinion, for most jobs these skills are not enough, but some people get lucky.

Just learn as much as you can by building your portfolio. This is like a game, you play one level at a time, after you pass one level you gain new skills that you might need for the next levels.

Build a landing page with html and cool css animations, then build another landing page and implement some DOM manipulation with either pure JavaScript or jQuery. After that, build a SPA (Single Page Application) with your preferred JS framework (React, Angular or Vue) using HTTP requests, of course I would encourage you to learn a framework/library that would improve your chances to get hired.

Once you feel comfortable with frontend, learn backend and build a full stack app. Of course, you should host all your projects and learn Git during the way. you can take a look at my portfolio if you need some guidance as what to build. You can also search online for developers portfolios and use it as a reference.

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