Displaying pages written on Mac Text Editor on Mozilla [SOLVED]

I hope this question is okay here. Obviously I’m a newbie and I’m trying to practice code just using my own computer’s browser. I open text editor on Mac, construct a simple, simple page, save it and then open the file in the Mozilla browser. It displays the written text, not the web page. I know the code is okay because I’ve copied and pasted it to CodePen and it works there. Am I saving the file wrong? I’m saving as “web page (html)”. If I try saving it any other way it won’t let me add .html (for example in rich text). I’d appreciate any suggestions.

If it’s a main page of your project (or just the only page) it should be named index.html (I don’t know how file extensions look like in macs, so adjust this accordingly).

Also, can you copy/paste your code here? Codepen does put in a crapton of stuff for you, so the fact that your code is working there does not mean that it’s actually ok.

In the Text Edit menu, go to “Format” and then choose “Make Plain Text”. You’ll probably have to rename the file to add the html extension - plain text adds “.txt” as the default extension. Just rename the file in Finder.

This worked…thank you!!

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