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I have just started the product landing page project and am completely new to coding. I understand what the goals are for the task but when looking at the code from the example I feel like I should know more than I do. Is this normal or should I be going back over the lessons again?

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Hello SIMP-IC,
Maybe it is a common feeling.
One way to feel like you are learning more, and to consolidate your knowledge is to try each challenge on FCC, and then in your own code editor, while trying not to look at the examples. By the time you’ve done more things by yourself, you’ll feel more confident about your progress.
It is easy to quickly go through the challenges to get a section done, but I advise you to take your time to learn rather than rush and learn little or nothing. One thing I always say is, “you’ve not learnt it until you can do it without looking at something to help you”.

Welcome to coding!
This is a common issue that 99% of people including myself will experience when looking at projects for the first time BUT you have to understand that you can either a) do it already or b) learn to do it by using a couple of resources. In fact, that’s how you learn to code!

My advice? Have a go! If you get stuck on any of the requirements then check out resources like the FreeCodeCamp units on the topic or ask Google and if you STILL can’t figure it out then feel free to fire off another question on the forums.

This is the developer process and you’ll experience this even once you hopefully continue on to start working as a web developer. You’ll be tasked with working on a part of a project, you’ll panic for a moment, you’ll start coding away and hitting roadblocks, you’ll do some research and hopefully come up with some answers and if not? You’ll ask your supervisor for some help, they’ll get you unstuck and you can continue on your merry way.


Thank you both for the advice!
I do not have my own text editor yet as I have just been using codepen to work on my projects. I will need to do some research on text editor’s and try to find one that suits.
It is fascinating to learn how all this works and I want to continue so thank you both for the encouragement.

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do you know the w3school or



the same thought i had when i started building product landing page last year. But trust me, as you progress, you will learn more and more things, and then use your knowledge to build it.

I have come across w3school in a few google searches but I have not seen the other one yet.
I found a video that really helped and made it a lot clearer for me.

It is good that you understood this thing on time. I realize it now when I am in javascript basics. Now I am watching several videos, guides on different websites/ blogs for some lessons and sometimes it takes me several days/ weeks to understand one topic.