What is the best way to tackle this project? I forgotten most of the concepts. Do i have to start the code challenges from scratch again?

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I seems as if you have answered your own question.

I can go back and review, but by the time i get to the challenge, most stuff may have already been forgotten, i wish there was a way to review each concept pertaining to each step by going to its specific page rather than doing the whole thing from scratch

maybe try to write what you learn in papers.

you should also know that you can’t possibly know EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME, that is why you need to also learn how to search to find what you need. and that comes with practice.

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You can. Just expand the curriculum section and navigate to the section you want to review.

The other approach is to just start building it and trying to follow the user stories.

Check MDN or w3schools documentation if you get stuck.

The challenges introduce ideas so you have a vague idea of what is possible. The projects are where you actually learn how to do this stuff!

Happy coding :smile:

I agree with above in tackling the user stories one by one. Just start with the first one, complete that, then work your way down. Once everything is working the way it should be you can give it your own polish.

Take your time, and if there is something you don’t understand even after doing the challenges, don’t be afraid to look for another resource outside of FCC - sometimes you just need to learn something from another angle to really get it.