Div & scrolling

Is there anyway i can make myoutputBox scroll in repose to the text length? Iv heard of overflow: scroll;, but couldn’t get it to work, help? --> https://codepen.io/Mike-was-here123/pen/PQOYjB

It seems like the top text (tiny, full equation text) pushed the answer (big text) out of the box (like you see) over a certain length. eval() only will show numbers from 0 -19 characters before going e+ (this was 19)

How it looks without glitch.

There is a typo in the CSS:
overflow: scoll

at 2 places.

Another error is you have #outputDiv whereas it is defined as a class in the HTML.

Also, try these:

  1. Use overflow: auto for the #outputBox (or overflow-y: auto).
  2. Re-define max-height of #outputBox to desired height.
  3. Remove the div with class of outputDiv from the HTML.

Let me know if this helps or not.

If i do overflow-x: scroll; it puts a scroll bar on x and y, not just x. the scroll bar is pretty big, anyway can i make it so it is hidden and i can scroll on x without using bar? And remove the y bar?

so any more help or…