Do I need to go pro with CodePen for CodeCamp projects?

I’m just wondering if I need to get Pro with in order to view the web pages I’m creating for the freeCodeCamp certification projects?

I’m doing the first HTML/CSS tribute page and although I can see the ‘result’ of what I’m creating, I want to be able to see how it appears in my browser too.

Codepen say they have a Pro feature where you can do this, so I wanted to know if that is what people have been using? Or is there another way?

Thank you!

Hey @Zoe-KL, I don’t think you need to get Pro with to view your webpages. On CodePen, they have a feature called change view.

The full page view will make it look like your on the website and not showing the code at all

Ahh! Thank you so much @Catalactics!

I skimmed through those but wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted, or if I needed the ‘Live View’, which is Pro.

That’s great news.
I really appreciate you getting back to me so quick too.

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Nice to know I helped…
Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:

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Hi !

You can also write your code into an editor like notepad or atom and save the file on your computer then see it on your browser
(or another editor of your choice there are plenty of them :slight_smile: )

I find that easiest to have a look on the page with the web dev tool…with not all the code about the codepen page

Hi @Groucha!

That is a great idea too. Thank you so much!

I realised my problems were related also to the fact I had made a mistake in the CSS section of CodePen, which was making it impossible for me to see the CSS changes!

I had used the style tags when they aren’t necessary. As soon as I removed them, I could see my page with the CSS .

Much better!

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:grimacing: have fun with exploration !

CodePen charges for what you get for free with these guys:

But if you want to “go pro” – like, with your own skills bruh! :crazy_face: – then you need to put your project into source control, and that means github (gitlab and bitbucket are also alternatives).

Put your project on github, host it on github pages. It’s the same workflow that real-life professional projects use. Stuff like codepen and codesandbox are for demos and quick tests, not real projects.

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Hi @chuckadams!

I appreciate your message - lots of good info there & I’ll definitely take a look at those links.

I am familiar with GitHub and I already have an account.

The freeCodeCamp projects I’m looking at request that you do them in Codepen, which is why I’m doing them there.

I don’t really like the site, but I wasn’t aware we could do them elsewhere…

Codepen is just a suggestion. Back when the curriculum was written, it was mostly CodePen, JSBin, and a bunch of small-time players, and CP was the nicest. I don’t follow the new curriculum much, but I don’t think it uses CodePen anymore.