Tribute Page project "Codepen editor"


I am working through my tribute page project, following along with a YT(solution) video. I’m using the Freecodecmp editor and though I have 90% of my elements completed the test say I haven’t completed any.
The YTber I am watching is using a codepenio link that I do not see on Freecodecamp.
Is there a codepen link somewhere in Freecodecamp to work on projects and run tests?
Thank you.

make sure you are doing your own project, not just copying the one in the video, or you are violating the academic honesty pledge you need to agree upon to claim the certification

there is a one thing that you don’t need to do in the codepen editor, but you need to do in a real situation (that the freeCodeCamp editor is trying to mimic), and that is linking the css file to the html file.
I suggest you read the note in the tribute page project description for that

Thank you,
No, I’m not copying just looking of some help.
Thank you, again

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