Do I need to know MySQL to get a front-end job?

Recently, a company asked me to deploy a back-end solution that reads, writes, updates, and deletes, and inserts into MySQL table , using RESTful service. And this is a requirement for a junior front-end development position. My question is why do front-end developers have to know so much, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular and now MySQL? How often do back-end related questions pop up in a front-end developer interview? I would like to know how much back end I need to know to get a front end job. Thank you.

Sounds like they’re looking for a full-stack developer, not front-end. MySQL is definitely back end and if you’re applying for a front-end position, there should be no requirement to know it.


Not sure…but I’m interviewing for jobs now and so far out of the 2 coding exams Ive had, they both included SQL questions…annoying as all give out but there they are.

It does seem to me to be veering into back end territory…seems unfair to have to know stuff like that but considering Im batting 2 for 2 I’m just generally more prepared and won’t be as shocked if I see it come up again. From all the research I’ve done to learn what I need to complete the exams, Ive actually learned some SQL, so there’s that too.