Do I use Root, Root-Relative or Absolute URL?

Hi There!
I’m trying to make a portfolio and there’s been a couple things I can’t grasp. (even after some research)

When making a website on a desktop using something like brackets, sublime, etc. and you go to pull photos from documents in your computer to put in, like:

<img src=“me.jpg”

How do these eventually go to a live website?

I don’t understand the ability the live server has to consistently pull files from YOUR computer. What if you’re making a website for someone else and they have photos they’ve sent you?

Do you just have to put them online like picasa and use that URL for the image source?
Thanks for answering in advance! <3

when you put your website online, you are uploading the files to a server, the files will be the html and css file, and also any other file that would be needed like images

you can’t give a link to an image on your computer

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