Do you like using JS libraries?

I have just been wondering how others feel about using JS libraries as opposed to using vanilla JS. There are definitive benefits to using libraries for sure, but I am also curious from a developers perspective if there is an extent to how many you will use in a project?

And when do you consider it better to just write code yourself without the use of a library?
I dare say a library like D3 is probably preferable to attempting to create an interactive chart with Vanilla JS. Overall it is really about personal preference and if in a job, what your team or workplace prefers to work with.

Overall I know there are a lot of elements to consider but I am just curious about your thoughts on the matter? :grin:

You just sort of have to evaluate it on a case-by-case basis as to whether you trust the quality and stability of the library, how big it is versus how much of it you plan to use, etc.