Do you require to finish all projects of each certification?

Are you supposed to finish all the listed projects for a specific certification? Seems daunting at first sight.

Hey @c4sh

Each section mentioned in the curriculum has 5 projects. So 30 projects totally. Please note that these projects will be easy for you once you finish the curriculum that section.

For Example - The first section Responsive web design section has 5 projects. First complete the curriculum for the section and then work on the projects. These project are there for us to work on and improve our knowledge. Instead for feeling it is a daunting. Try to start small and work your way through the curriculum. If you think you are unable to. You can always ask the forum for doubts. The community if there to help you out.

And to your question. You can complete each section and acquire the certification of that section.

Happy Coding!

I hope they will be easy when I’m done with the section, yes !

So my question was more like: should I choose a project of the 5 I see? Or should I do them all ? But I understand I should do them all and that they won’t be as long and hard as I expect now. Will give some feedback once I’ve done them ! Thanks for the answer @adi188288 !

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I believe that you need to finish all five projects to get certification in that section.

I have just finished the first section yet and some of JS. Got done with two projects, three more to go. :slight_smile: I would say that these are not as straight forward as the curriculum because you need to put all the different bits that you learned together and do some more research about how to do certain things. I am enjoying the projects so far because they allow you to be creative and do your own thing to a certain extent. Your experience may vary. :wink:

You don’t have to do all the challenges, but you have to do all the ones labeled as “projects”. They will definitely not be easy. They are meant to push you. They will require you to show initiative and do independent research.

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