Does anyone know how to convert mdb to accdb?

I have an old database created with Access 97 (I think) and I want to convert it to accdb.

Before having an interview the employer wanted me to do a few exercises using Access and a site in PHP so we will discuss about it during the interview.

Here’s the database file:

Are you sure it is an Access 2000 format? If it is an Access 97 format, then you will first have to open it in Access 2003 and then save it, so that you can convert the Access 2003 version to Access 2013 or 2016.

Why not just practice the exercises using a 2013 or 2016 accdb file?

I don’t really know, I tried with 2000 format but it didn’t work.
Will it require me to replace the version of access to 2003 or just setting it to 2003 it’s fine?
I can’t do that, do you have any tip or guide on how to do that?
I am afraid it will take me a lot of time to find a way to convert it. :pensive::pensive:
I don’t know if they’ll take notice on how much time it passed after they sent me the exercises.

So they sent you an Access db file that is from 2000 or before that you are supposed to use for these exercises? I am confused why they would do that. I would think the exercises would be generic enough that you could use any version of Access you want.

What version of Access do you currently have?

why not just ask them for software access ? I’m sure many people don’t have access on their home machines…

Access 2016

That what the employer wrote me in the email:

The first exercise is about .NET and you can pick whatever programming language you want (attached you can find the ‘’ and an Access database ‘’).
The second one is about PHP.

I need it to do the exercise, I have to create a form (and also follow other instructions) and then also all the queries that he listed in exercise_net.txt.

You can write your own logic using npm mdb parser to read the old mdb access file and convert to whatever format you want.

npm install mdb-parse
var Mdb = require(‘mdb-parse’); var f = new Mdb(’./desktop/Nwind.mdb’);

var was not recognized as a command…

try installing mdbtools first. read more here.
that parser depends on mdbtools. or just try to find other npm package that works with old mdb files

Do I also need to install all the requirements?

Use I convert the .mdb file successfully. nut not accdb

I didn’t understand your instructions.

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no mdb to accdb

I tried with this to installed mdbtools:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co mdbtools

but it doesn’t recognize it, I am using git as cmd.

Unfortunately i failed also in installing mdbtools on my win machine. as far as i have read it was not tested on windows or mac just linux.

Maybe you should test using odbc with some npm parser.
Anyway, if i find some decent solution i will let you know.

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To convert Access Database from Mdb to Accdb file format , kindly follow the methods given below:

  • At first go to MS Access Database
  • Open the new Database File
  • Create your file
  • Now in the file Types , select the option Save Database As and click Access Database (*.accdb)
  • A dialogue box will open
  • Choose the file which you want to convert
  • Lastly, click the Save As option to make the changes