Does GitHub calendar not record our freeCodeCamp calendar's history?

Hi all! I decided to continue my freeCodeCamp journey 2 days ago. I had a question about one thing. I understand that when we finish an exercise, the site records our journey on the calendar by filing up the square of the certain date with different shades of green colors depending on how many lessons we’ve finished. Now I thought before that when we finish lessons, not only the squares of the calendar on freeCodeCamp gets filled, but the calendar on Github does as well. Was this not a feature before because this is my freeCodeCamp profile link:

and this is my GitHub Profile link:

I see the changes on my freeCodeCamp calendar but I don’t see them on my GitHub calendar even though it’s been 2 days. I was planning to do freeCodeCamp 45 minutes every day for 2 years so that when I graduate from college in 2 years my GitHub history would look better and I would have the Front End Development Certificate. I am not sure if I should wait a bit more for my GitHub calendar to be updated or that this feature does not actually exist? Does anybody here know something about this? Thank you in advance!

No, your GitHub streak calendar reflects your commits to GitHub. GitHub has no way of knowing what freeCodeCamp challenges you have passed.


Dang it! Thank you for letting me know! :slight_smile:

You can commit your solutions to their own repo, but really a bright green GitHub calendar isn’t as impressive as a few killer projects.

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