How do I setup my coding progress on GitHub

Hi, I am new to learning on freeCodeCamp. I would like to show my progress of learning to my potential employer that I am spending time learning to code on daily basis. Can anyone help in explaining to me how can I set up my coding learning on GitHub? Note: I am familiar with GitHub commands. I know how to create repo/commit/push.

Thanks much for the response.


Well, I’m no expert, but …

Github is just a repository for projects managed with git. On the simplest levels, you can “show off” to potential employers by having repos for your various projects. I ended up creating one FCC repo for all my work, with different folders for different certs, but you can do it however you want.

You can link to these repos in your resume and your portfolio site.

You can also use github to host your portfolio site, on git pages. You can host a static site there and have subfolders where you keep the working code for your projects. I would suggest creating a “real” site for your portfolio, but gitpages is an option.

Thanks, Kevin for sharing the thoughts. I was actually referring to the exercises on FCC so we can show in public that hours spent and an option to commit the work in a repository.

You can do that.

I know people will tend to do that with the algorithm sections.

Also, if you want to show hours spent, the certificate after each section will show the estimate 300 hours spent on FCC.

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Quick thing I wanted to point out, these are git commands, and you generally are working with git locally on your machine. When you push you push to a service called github which is a service that can act as a remote git repository, along with provide other services, like project management.

Github will actually keep track of things you end up pushing to github as you go. The main thing is as long as your putting your work into git and getting it to github it will show up on your github profile. git can be used to keep track of your work without github at all, but using github repo’s will back up you work and you can later show it off to employers.

For freeCodeCamp specifically, you can put the projects into github. The individual challenges probably aren’t worth much by themselves, since they lack a lot of context without the challenge to test against.

Lots of freeCodeCamp developers put the projects they make into git to “show them off”. I do recommend later to add other projects that aren’t directly related to freeCodeCamp to “spice things up”, but I’d do this later when your closer to applying for jobs :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep building, keep learning, keep commiting ;D


Yep, I did that. I’m not sure that anyone has ever look at it, but I copied the code into local files and then pushed them to my repo. But again, I don’t think any prospective employer is going to care that I saved my solution to Chunky Monkey.