Upload my freecodecamp codes to github

Hi guys,

how can I upload my progress on freecodecamp to githbub? I linked my account to github profile but there are not contributions in the repository. Is there a way to do that?

There’s currently no feature for automatically uploading any of your work, no. You can create gists, or a repository of javascript files with your answers.

Although the freeCodeCamp curriculum lists it waaay down there under backend, there’s every reason to get started learning about git and how to use it to save your code very early. If you’re still in the first challenges, html and css, you won’t have much use for it yet, but you should start using it as soon as you hit the first DIY projects. I recommend https://github.com/jlord/git-it-electron

just to be clear, your FCC challenges done online do not sync with github, however later when you are programming some of the challenges that are done locally on your own compouter if you chose (many can be done on cloud services as well) you’ll want to backup your code on git.

There’s no reason you can’t also solve the code challenges your doing now locally and practice with git, but that’s a bit of overkill at this point in time.