Connecting your completed labs to your Github

Hello, I’m sure many of you know this but how do I connect my completed labs to my Github? I’ve already completed four labs and it still isn’t showing up on my Github. I chose Github to connect to my account when I first started on this website. If there is anyway to solve this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m terribly sorry, but what do you mean by “labs”? Are you talking about the FCC projects? Or the lessons?

I see what ur trying to do. This is going to be to long to explain, so you can go here for a tutorial:

I’m currently working on the 300hrs Javascript certification. Not sure if those are FCC or projects.

Those are the lessons. The projects are the five at the end of that curriculum.
If you want to save the work to your GitHub, then you’ll need to follow the tutorial @Catalactics kindly provided for us. Create a GitHub repository for your work.
Then, when you complete a lesson and it pops up “Submit and go to next challenge”, you can click “download my code” below that to get a file containing your code. You can then upload that file to your GitHub repository.

Even though you’ve logged in to FCC with GitHub, to my knowledge there is not a way to automatically save your solutions to your GitHub.

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Awesome, thank you @nhcarrigan and @Catalactics!

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@mylessalazar, if you want to create a new repository and upload files, you can do so by doing this:

Connecting your freeCodeCamp account to your GitHub account does not result in any automatic pushes to your GitHub repository. It just puts a link to your GitHub account in your freeCodeCamp public profile and allows you to sign in with your GitHub credentials.