How can i view or push my progress to my linked github account

Hi all, i want to push my progress from FCC to my GitHub account

How can i do that…If I logged in with my github account, will it make any difference?**
I need Help! Thanks in Advance!!

What do you mean by “push your progress”?

If you mean saving your solutions, I would suggest creating a repo and saving your answers. It’s a great chance to get started with basic git, a very important skill.

I created a repo with folders for each of the challenge categories and a different repo for the projects. You could also do a different repo for each project, but I don’t like things getting cluttered.

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I can recommend you that free course on code academy, its a good point of start.
You can find it here!

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to save solutions, just watch the video on YouTube duration ~10 min about Sourcetree. = it is best soft to send your changes to the github, at the time of the study
And git learn later, now only time will lose on unnecessary actions.

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Thank you all for your valuable suggestions :slight_smile: