HOw can I push my progress to git hub


I’ve a freecode camp login and I update my progress with the same but I see that it is not being updated to my github. How can I push all my progress to github?

Thanks for your help!

FCC is not linked to GitHub. You’ll have to read the GitHub guide or watch videos. There are many resources to help you learn the basics of GitHub. It’s tricky at first.
I save all my algorithm solutions on GitHub which is super convenient.

Do you konw how to use git?

What you’ll want to do is create all your solutions on your harddrive (or cloud work environment) in a FCC folder, and create a new JS file for each algorithm, or if multipel files, a new folder for each project.

For the root FCC folder you’ll need to initialize your git repository once, instructions are on Git,

then for each new thing you add you can run these commands:
git add .
git commit -m “Chunky Monkey” (or whatever descriptive name)
git push origin master

If any of that sounds confusing, you will learn quickly.

Or just use the GitHub web interface. You don’t need to use the command line (CLI, shell, bash, whatever). I don’t use the command line at all to use GitHub, although it’s a skill I want to learn at some point.

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I didn’t think you could push a repo with the web interface, but there are small GUI programs you can use. I used a GUI for a week or two and always felt like I was making a mistake. the command line works for me personqally but I know there is a lot I’m not using on github