Does it matter which photos i use as a placeholder?

I’m working on the portfolio project but do not have portfolio material… They’re all Adobe files and I don’t have a subscription right now. I’m just going to use placeholders for now. My question is, can I use any image file or is it against the rules to use copyrighted material? The only free stuff i could find is shot poorly and honestly just looks terrible on my page.

Have you tried Unsplash? They have really nice pictures and they are all free to use however you want!

You can also check this site that extracts all the major stock image websites into a single page application.

Hope it helps!

thanks fellow human, gonna check it out right now

Make sure to read their Terms of Service, because I saw these two statements in their TOS:

  1. Visual Hunt cannot be held responsible for copyright violations and cannot guarantee the legality or suitability for any use the images found through its service or contained in its system.

  2. Visual Hunt makes no warranty expressed or implied regarding continued service, information provided, the legality or licensing of the pictures or the functionality of the site. It is your responsibility to ensure the use of any pictures is legal and that they are in compliance with all applicable laws.

The way I read #3 and #4 above is there is no guarantee a particular photo is legally ok to use a as “free” image. You can get in big trouble violating someone’s copyright.

ugh… im just gonna use crappy pics that are 100% free. its gonna look stupid but i guess the point here is to be able to code the site.

You can also use these generic placeholders from and it’ll show the dimensions, too. No need to worry about copyrights or anything with them as well.