Non-designer-artist looking for help

Non-designer-artist looking for help
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I’m a programmer, not an artist or designer. I’m aiming for back-end but have a chance at a front-end gig to hold me over. Where to you all get your amazing portfolio images!? I’m in envy!


What you’re venting about here is the age old dilemma of us coders. We’re all the same. We aren’t designers really, we’re all about our logic! That is why if you look at it, this has been a team model for a long time now. Computer programmers and Designers working hand in hand. Now a days, with “fullstack”, they’re looking for that all-in-one package. So it’s something that ALL of us are having to go through as well. Growing pains.


Free to download, and use for whatever purpose, no royalties.

For paid stuff, you can use

There are a few other sites that are paid and reasonable in price (depending on size you select, but for web use $2 to $4 per image is not bad). I’ve used 123RF


Also has been recommended to me more times than I can count


There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and clean. Material design is a good guide.