Responsive Web Design Project Hang ups

Howdy folks!

I’m working my way through the Responsive Web Design Certification, currently trying to build a Landing Page. The problems I’m having are mostly with custom images and logos. Storing images with the app requires you to pay for the pro plan, and I’d like to avoid if possible… I figured I could find some royalty free stuff to use, or pirate actual company logos for sake of learning - is that illegal?

Just in general, coming up with “fake” business ideas - company name, color schemes, etc - I get more hung up on this stuff than the actual code!

I’m thinking I shouldn’t even sweat it and just make sure the HTML and CSS are working properly.

Anybody have any tips on this?

Many thanks!!!

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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There are a ton of ways to store images on public servers so you can access them in codepen. A few options include:

  • Use github.

  • Open up an account on a free web hosting service and store your images there.

  • There are probably other free services that allow you to upload and access files, I’m just too lazy to find them for you :slight_smile:

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