Portfolio Background Images

Hi everyone,

I’m working through the build your portfolio project (finally!) and have got my ideas for the basic layout down. I was wondering, though, where do you guys find images for the header cover?


If you don’t have an idea what image will be suitable, just use some nice bg color (you can change it into img anytime). In my project I divided the portfolio into subsections, each with it’s own distinct color and filled them with description + thumbnails :wink:

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Hey great idea! Thanks!

I really wanted to get started while I still have the momentum. I’ll do that!


Yep, don’t lose that momentum! If you’re certain you want a slick looking image but haven’t found the right one yet, you can just stick a placeholder there for now.

When you want to replace it, you can start with these resources:

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Thank you so much for your help!