Finding background images

Just wondering opinions on the best places to find background images for websites Hopefully free at least to practice with.

There are a few good options for free and some that don’t need any mention of the author (Royalty free).,, are just a few. You can find a lot more with a quick search of “free stock photos”.

Hope this helps!

Thank you. I am ready to work on my personal portfolio project but just feel there is so much I should learn first.
Thanks again

Hi, Pixabay is really great, that’s true (with a free account, else you have to answer the captcha) :).
Two more links I use : picjumbo and stocksnap.

Thank you I will definitely check them out. I found one that looks interesting called are you familiar with that one. If so any thoughts. And again I really appreciate your input. thank you.

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Unsplash is completely free, no royalties (but it is nice to mention) and no account needed to use.

I download free stock photo for my blog niche sites and other sites as well. Have used 100+ of them during my journey. This could be the only list of best free stock photo sites you’ll need right now.

Finding background from free stock photos. Also need custom background changing service at Clipping USA.