Portfolio Page- Please share your views

Hello friends, here’s the link to my portfolio. Although I’ve used bootstrap, I’ve tried to use css as much as possible. Please share your views

Portfolio looks great, good job! :slight_smile:

Try adding cursor: pointer; css to your individual projects in your “My Portfolio” section so the mouse icon will change when you hover (if they happen to be links which I’m assuming they eventually will be)

But like I said looks great, although never assume a project is “finished” it can always be improved. Happy Coding!

Looks good.
The only thing i would change is footer color so it matches the color of header. Current color is too dark for my taste. Have fun !

Indeed it looks better (and more sensible, of course!) with the same color on both navbar and footer. Thanks so much for the suggestion, made the change

Thank you for suggesting me this. I didn’t come across this property before and yes, I agree, I just wanted this to be the first “draft” of the final portfolio. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thank you so much sir, will keep that in mind.

for an interesting effect, add

``` to your background.  See if you like it.

damn! I was wondering how the “parallax effect” is made! You made my day!! Thanks a ton!! :smile:

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