Personal Portfolio Page - Marcus Brincat

This is my Personal Portfolio Page
I would love some or any feedback or tips



Hello, I like your page very much. It looks very good.
Did you use Bootstrap?
I ask as the mouse pointer do not change its view when I hover over the links in the navigation bar.

Thanks heaps OStefani, just fixed that issue, i don’t think i would have noticed that without your help. Thanks for having a look at my work I appreciate the input. I used Bootstrap for some styling however i just coded most of the styling and JQuery myself.


Nice site, but I find the paragraphs very hard to read, the font is a tad small and much too lightweight.

Cheers mate, I’ll boost the font size and play around with the font weight. Thanks for the advice!

No probs,

If you’re new at this, some good pointers can be gotten really quickly from articles about web typography and user centric webdesign. There are loads of them all over google.



Simply super! Self learning itself is a Great skill. Great work!