Your feedback for my portfolio page is highly appreciated :)

Hi guys,
After long working process , I’m done with my portfolio page, ofc for now :slight_smile: I deliberately did not use bootstrap or any other CSS library to be able to play with UI more)

Therefore, I highly appreciate your feedback. I do believe it would be helpful for my future projects.
Here is the link to my portfolio page

Aside from the images not loading for me, as it says they have been moved or removed. It seems quite good for the first attempt! I have a few suggestions myself for how you could improve this, it is all constructive and you don’t have to do them if you don’t think what I am saying is correct! I do really like the post note you put on there that rotates as you hover over it nice touch!


  • Change the font. Personally you want clean and simple, you can have it as your logo or titles but I wouldn’t recommend it for the rest. The content will become hard to read.
  • The navigation highlight when hovering just needs a tad more impact so maybe go more grey when hovered.

That is all I have seeing as I cannot see what images you have used on the page. But for a first attempt for what I can see it is good, especially since you haven’t used any CSS library either.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll take into account them. Could you let me know which browser are you using? I have tested it on Chrome and Safari and images are loading.


Ah it must be due to me using Brave. It works now though which is weird. Oh well! Very nice page for a first attempt either way!