Review Requested for Portfolio Website

Hi everyone!

I have learnt some HTML/CSS/JS and JQuery over the last few weeks and I built a portfolio website that I was hoping to put on a server sometime in the future.

Do you think employers will find this appealing?
I will most likely be looking for a junior developer position soon.

What do you recommend I change?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Billy.

Overall, the look and feel is good. I was surprised to find the nav at the bottom of the page. But it ended up flowing well.

You may want to consider sticking to the top of the other sections for easier navigation.

I like your apps. But your images are not showing up.
When I clicked on the top image - which I assumed was either you or your logo - I was sent to

When I inspected it and chose to follow that link,
I was given a 403 error.

Otherwise it is looking good and starting to shape up nicely.

Thanks for the awesome feedback!

I didn’t realize I had to be logged into my google account (where I had my images) to see the image assets haha . They should show up now since I’m grabbing them from Github instead.

I will definitely work on sticking the header to the top later.

Thanks a lot!

It looks much better!

That is a really nice portfolio site, I like the design, the responsiveness, and that nav-bar trick was neat, good work.

Thank you very much for your feedback

This is amazing!

One thing only when you click on your navigation bar, it brings you to the middle of the content and I had to scroll back up to see the headers.
Not a big deal but if someone is into details they might notice it and might find it annoying.

Design-wise I would not change a thing. It is appealing and interesting. Not boring.

Thank you for your feedback!
Yeah I think that happened when I was creating the fixed header.
I’ll make sure it is fixed before I host it.