Does modding Minecraft require the same type of JavaScript I'm using to build websites?

I’ve been tossing the idea around in my head for awhile and cannot understand if there is some sort of extra step in the process when it comes to modding Minecraft or even just Minecraft’s vanilla code itself, or if I’m just overthinking it???

Somebody help please!!

It’s Java. Looks a little bit similar, and JavaScript purposely has the word Java in it for marketing reasons, but completely different language.


So what you’re saying is Java is similar in a way that if I knew all I needed to know about coding with JavaScript, then coding with Java shouldn’t really be much different?

Java is to JavaScript as ham is to hamster. Other than some superficial syntax similarities, they’re very different languages. Java is strongly statically typed, JavaScript is loosely dynamically typed. Java uses class inheritance, JS uses prototypes. JavaScript uses Promises, Java uses threads and java.util.concurrent. The differences keep going from there…


Thanks. Are there Java courses here?

There are videos, not a curriculum though. Try this one:

(You can find more in this search)

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. :wink: