Does Tribute Page Project Auto-Save?

Hello All,

I just Started the Tribute page project. I have done some coding but feel a bit tired, I want to take some rest. I was wondering if my progress is saved automatically or if i have to click somewhere to save it. Please help

I’m pretty sure most text editors have a ‘save’ function for you to save to a file. Or if you are using CodePen , that app will prompt you to enable the ‘save’ function, then your work is saved automatically.

Thank you @drjeffa . I am using codepen. I cant find any “save” feature and it has not prompted me to enable the "save"function.

that project is not yours, you are changing the freecodecamp pen
you need to use the fork button (in the footer of the page) to copy the project to your account

I have seen the “save” function. Thank you

I just did that. thanks