MyTribute work, needs help

Hello. Learning Code Pen.

Build a Tribute Page, So, to my understanding I will have to build it on Code Pen, so how do I save my work.How do I transfer my Code to free code camp for inspection, for correction if that is the case.

Hello @Taximan! Yes you are right. Before building these projects you have “Get Set for our Front End Development Projects” section. You’ll create CodePen account, and then you’ll create new pen and there write your project code. You can click Save button in any time to save your progress on CodePen. When you finish just copy link to your project, click “I completed this challenge” on freeCodeCamp, and paste this link there.

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Also remember you don’t have to use Code Pen. I believe is better to learn the basics of Git + Local Dev and use Github instead. You can also do this later for the more advanced projects.

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Hi. thanks for the information about code pen account. I'm very new to programing,I have a problem with remembering code, that is new to me. Where do I get help to check my code? Any cheat pages, Referents for me? for my page.

Hi. What is that page for?

Hi again @Taximan! Programming takes time to learn. Remembering the code is not the key. You start remember it with practice. I used CodeCademy, they have some free courses, maybe try it to get more familiar with code. Probably the very first thing you’ll want to learn will be HTML and CSS, and then JavaScript. When you are learning, try to practice it. After you get more familiar with basics maybe thing about project you’ll want to build and try to build it. You’ll learn a lot with this. Use Google to search for help. For example, you want to make some space between element and it’s content, you search for it and you find that, this is padding. I hope it can help you. :wink:

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