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I have built my page separately, how do I now save it it to codepen

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Log in or sign up at CodePen COPY&PASTE HTML/CSS/JS And it should have Save Button at the top :vulcan_salute:
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so how do i add the extra html files to codepen

You should only really need one HTML file for the tribute page - do you have more than one html file, and are you sure that was necessary?

If you want to host multiple pages on CodePen you have two options: create multiple pens and link to them to each other, or use CodePen Projects. You get one project for free on CodePen before having to upgrade to a paid plan for more.

No i will have one html file for each challenge,like 1 for the tribute page, 1 for the survey page, etc. So how do I get them all into codepen

Oh, easy - one pen is recommended for each challenge.


okay, and how do i do that, do i need to make new logins or do i just create new pens and if so how? Im sorry I dont know too much about codepen

There are two other things to note:

If you have developed these locally first, the structure is a little different - since the HTML panel on CodePen only contains the body portion of your file. You can click the little cog to add stuff for the head portion. Javascript and CSS dependencies can be added in their little cog panels too.

Also, you don’t have to use CodePen at all. If you already have the projects completed, you could look at hosting them via GitHub pages.

You can create one login for codepen, and create unlimited pens. Once logged in, there is a create section on the left hand nav bar. Select ‘pen’ and you’ll have a new pen ready to start using.

I just clicked on pen and i got a new empty template where I can paste the new html. Is that the right way to go

Yep. Just start pasting stuff in and hacking away at it - you won’t break anything. Just explore it and learn by doing. Have fun :slight_smile: