Should I sign up on codepen for my project and is it 100% free

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ya making pen on codepen are completly free

You don’t need to use codepen, but if you use codepen you need an account. With a free account on codepen you can create as many pens as you want which is what you need for the projects.

Is the free account 100% free

yes 100% free for unlimited pen

What do you mean? It’s free. Codepen has also a subscription tier, but you don’t need it.

like its free for a certain amount of time then you have to pay

free account comes with unlimited pen for lifetime free.

Just to clarify, codepen has what are called projects and pens.

What everyone is talking about are the unlimited pens with the free account.
For the freeCodeCamp projects you can just use the free account with the pens.

Codepen also has what they call projects which allow for multiple HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
You are only allowed one codepen project with the free account.

But for your purposes you just need to create pens and it is always free.
This is where you can find the free pens.
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 7.58.05 AM

Hope that helps!

thanks for your explanation

Since freeCodeCamp’s mission is to teach programming for free all of the recommended sources will be free.

Hope that clarifies!

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