Doing a Website for my Amateur Cycling Team, which framework/cms in 2021?

Hi people of fcc! So as the title states, I’d like try to get down with code (again) and build a webpage for my vintage cycling team.

I know some basic HTML/CSS and I did play with Wordpress in the past.

Since it’s 2021 and the web is expanding, what would be a good learn by doing language I could use to build this website?

The site won’t be anything crazy, like static informative pages, some articles about local tour we do and other news, and as first integration the ability for external user to register and became member by paying.

My only request is that I’d like to have a cms to manage contents!

Thanks everyone !

Wordpress is probably still a good choice for you. There are other services that are very easy to use for building a website from templates and adding plugins like payments, but from what I can tell a lot of the popular options make it difficult to actually customize your website manually. My understanding is that with Wordpress you can start with templates, but also go in and fiddle more yourself if you want.

This isn’t based on personal experience building websites with modern CMS tools, just poking around and talking to people.

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