Wordpress or build from scratch

Hi campers!
I’m new to coding and have been going through the curriculum for the past few weeks. I’m starting to get the hang of HTML and CSS and feel confident enough to design and build basic websites. I’m actually ready to take on my first real-life project and I’m very excited about it.
My uncle has a small Pro Audio business selling professional and home audio equipment, and was always in need of a website. He doesn’t want an online shop yet, just somewhere where he can place his product catalog with some photos and some basic information about his business.
Thinking ahead, once the website is designed, my “client” should be able to make updates himself (adding or removing products, images etc) and not rely on me to do this for him every time he needs to. I know nothing about Wordpress yet, but it seems to be one way to manage the content. What other options do I have? If I build the website from scratch, is there another easy way for a user with very basic (and I mean very basic) skills to manage the content ?

I’m also wondering in general, how many pro web developers actually use Wordpress, and why build a site from scratch when Wordpress makes it so easy seemingly? Is Wordpress something that is covered in the freeCodeCamp curriculum? If not, could someone recommend any good tutorials?

Many thanks!

If you want the client to manage the site using a CMS is likely your best bet. It doesn’t have to be WordPress but that is definitely an option, you can even use it as an headless CMS (list) if you want to use something else for the front-end.

But considering you are just starting out you might not want to make it any more complicated than it has to be.

There are also other options like Webflow/Squarespace/Wix etc.

As for why you would, or wouldn’t, want to use it, I’m not really an expert on WordPress but here are a few reasons I can give.


  • You get a UI for site management that most people can learn to use.

  • You get themes and tools like page builders that people that do not know how to code can use to create decently looking sites.

  • You can expand the site to include a web-shop fairly easily.

  • You get a large ecosystem with a lot of users.


  • You are going to be limited by the theme and the tools (like page builders and plugins). So unless you create the site yourself, or edit preexisting code, you will have to accept some limitations and inflexibility.

  • WordPress isn’t the fastest thing around.

  • WordPress is still a pretty popular target for malicious attacks. So you can’t just set it and forget it (depending on the hosting this might be taken care of for you for the most part).

I don’t really have any suggestions for learning material but if you search on YouTube I’m sure you will find some stuff.