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Hi everyone,

I am working on a personal project. I just started it a few days ago. I would like to buy a domain for it to secure its name as this will be my long-term project maybe for life-long.

But there are lots of registrars and lots of articles about domain registration.

  • NameCheap
  • Google Domains
  • Hostinger and many more

I’m confused between all this. Could you please help me for clear directions and to choose best options.

Thanks a lot for time and attention,
Best Regards,
Karamjot Kaur.

Hi there,

I have used and still use NameCheap with the domains that I currently own and their service has been awesome.
I chose it then because of the cost.
i do believe that all of them are great services and you can always migrate to another hosting service at any time

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Hey Karam,

That really depends on what you’re looking for. If you simply want to have a domain, namecheap is one of the places where you can find really cheap names.
But you should firstly think about what qualities the name should have.
Will it be a bigger project? Do you want the name to be brandable (easy to remember & good to build a brand with)? If both of those questions are answered with yes, than there are several things to take into consideration.

I’ll quickly list 3 of them:

  1. Easy to spell
  2. Shorter is better
  3. Test if the name is memorable

And there are even more things to take into consideration, to find a good name. I’ve written an article about it, to help people in your shoes figuring out what name fits the best.

Btw: We on Indiebrands sell names that are handpicked for web/tech projects. If you’re planning to build a digital product you might find something suitable:

Hope I could help.
Good luck on your project!



Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I think I should start with NameCheap too as I saw in most tutorials and articles using NameCheap. I am a little confused with Google Domain. How’s about it. Google is the big tech company in the world. Do you have experience with Google Domains. What if we compare the pros and cons of these two. Or I just pick one with a lower cost?

Best Regards,
Karamjot Kaur.

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Thanks a lot for sharing the articles. For now my project is a hobby project. I’ll think about the business perceptive if it suits for my project.

Best Regards,
Karamjot Kaur.


Sounds great! All the best!


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