Web hosting/domain name services

I’m looking at doing my first real project for my portfolio. I am building a website for a relative’s landscaping business.

What’s the best way to go about taking care of hosting and a domain name? Is GoDaddy a good choice, and what options are necessary? Would their cheaper options work for a simple small business site that is only a few pages? I assume so but I wanted to ask around before committing to a certain company.

I’m currently using namecheap.com and gandi.net, both of which have served me well. If I had to choose between the two, I’d say namecheap is the slightly better option since it has the superior interface, but gandi gives you online mailboxes (handy if you have a contact form on your site).

I blacklisted GoDaddy when they supported SOPA. For all I know, they’re the best, cheapest choice for domains, but to me they’re dead.

Where on earth was I!!! I just read up on this and cant believe I this flew past me. The only reason the folded and withdrew their support was financial reasons due to boycotts. Not really good enough…am I too late to the party? lol sigh for real though, my heart sunk when you said this. Ive often recommended them, but cant say I will be able to anymore.

i have heard of namecheap, everyone seems to like them so Ill be looking in that myself here…