Donating to freecodecamp

Which link do I follow to donate to FCC?

According to the FAQ:

Can I donate to freeCodeCamp?

We don’t accept donations. Instead, you should support us through our shop.

What we’d really love you to donate is your time and expertise by contributing to the project!

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Okay… Thanks a lot.

Then why am I being directed to a “Support freecodecamp” page before I can go to the next stage of my participation? I am just beginning

I guess they have changed the information since February (see Frequently Asked Questions ).

You can go to to donate.

Feel free to skip this if you like, it is not a requirement before you can progress.

thanks everyone! I discovered that I could continue without going there first. Being new I was thrown off but it looks like something I will be happy to donate too in the future.

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