Is there a way to make a yearly donation instead of a monthly one?

I want to make a year donation to freecodecamp since I cannot have monthly deductions. Is there a way to do this?

I made a one time lump amount for payment recently, not through the fcc donation site though so not sure how to do this specifically…maybe send an email to freecodecamp to find out how to do this?

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Thanks @cndragn! I posted my question here because I couldn’t find the direct contact form for freecodecamp or their contact email for that matter. Do you know their contact email?

I searched the forum and found this one:

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Thanks! Sent the email.

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If you want to make donations on your own schedule, you can do the donation through PayPal and then cancel the recurring donation immediately. Somewhere on this forum I have a post with step by step pictures. The whole thing, including writing how to do it took 3 minutes.